About Us

The Football Chronicle is a sports blog aimed to inform our readers about the latest in the footballing world. Our primary onus is to provide users with exclusive content – which includes variety of featured articles as well as other analysis content.

Football is one of the most popular sport in the entire world – and though there are many blogs which provide readers with exclusive news, there aren’t many websites which put focus on quality content as well as in-depth analysis.

At the Football Chronicle, we aim to separate us from the herd and vouch for creative and analytical writing.

Our teamĀ  –

Anup Sedhain – Founder

A part time Engineering student, Anup Sedhain is behind the idea of a football website which will be more than just a news aggregator. He is a Real Madrid fan and writes mostly on La Liga.

Amar Puri – Co-founder

Studying at the United States, Amar finds it difficult to catch up football like the rest of us. But, somehow he manages to watch the top European leagues and reflect on them regularly for our readers.