Top 10 most popular Football Clubs

Football has been one common religion for the people across the world as the game has bonded millions of people in a same string and has been supported through out the World.

Popular clubs - Chelsea

Chelsea are one of the popular clubs in world football.

The European continent leads the chase however on this front as it has been the most successful on both commercial and entertainment basis. Here we look at the 10 most popular football clubs on the basis of the followers in two most popular social media- Twitter and Facebook.

10. AC Milan :

The Rossoneri have been one of the major pioneer of Italian football in the World as the side based on the fashion city Milan have really been one of the most successful clubs in both domestic and European competition as the Rossoneris are second in the list for the most European cups and have always been close in the clash for the Sceudetto.

Facebook Likes : 24.8 Million
Twitter Followers : 6.14 Million

  9. Manchester City :

Manchester City, a Club  no body would have expected to be going head to head with the such European heavyweights in terms of popularity a decade ago. However, the investment of Sheikh Monseiur has bear fruits as Manchester City have won two league titles, FA Cup and Capital One cup and have gradually grown in their global supporters. The Manchester club are 9th on our list of most popular football clubs.

Facebook Likes : 27 Million
Twitter Followers : 5.25 Million

8. Juventus :

The Old Ladies have been the most successful Italian club in terms of the domestic titles won and have one of the biggest fan base across the World. With almost 15 million likes on the Official Facebook page and  1.5 Million followers on twitter, the Serie A giants are placed 10th in our most popular football clubs chart. Their Popularity have taken a dip however due to the suspensions due to match fixing allegations and spell of the Champions league but are now back with gradual rise in Global supporters.

Facebook Likes : 30  Million 
 Twitter Followers : 5.53 Million


7. Liverpool :

The English giants who took the 70’s by storm, Liverpool have not been the most successful of the clubs in terms of Silverware in recent years with the club absence from Champions league for 5 years slightly diminishing their stature in terms of global support but despite all the downs Liverpool FC still hold millions of supporters across the world and are 7th on our list of most popular football clubs

Facebook Likes : 30 Million
Twitter Followers : 9 Million

6. Bayern Munich :

The German giants also part of our most popular football clubs as the Munich based clubs have been one of the heavyweights in the continent that breathes football. The most successful German side are undoubtedly the most powerful side domestically but are also a huge threat in Europe having already won the competition on four different occasions . The Bavarians are placed 6th in our list of most popular football clubs.

Facebook Likes : 43 Million
Twitter followers : 4.14 Millions

5. Arsenal :

Arsenal have always been the team with a wide fan base and despite the nine years of trophy drought, which got over by multiple FA Cup wins over  last few seasons the Gunners have been consistent in term of their appearance at the European stage which has maintained their popularity through out the World. The Gunners though are the most followed English football club in the twitter and fall 5th on our list of most popular football clubs.

Facebook Likes : 37.9 Million
Twiiter Followers: 12.2 Million

4. Chelsea :

The Blues from the West London similar to Manchester City do not have a golden era or a plethora of the history on their back to show like the rest of the clubs in our list but with the arrival of the Russian billionaire have won almost every trophy they have competed in also becoming the first London cllub to win the Champions league in the process.

Facebook Likes : 47.8 Million
Twitter Followers : 10.8 Million

3. Manchester United :

One team that needs no introduction in being at the top, Manchester United is the most successful English club having won everything that is to be won under Sir Alex Ferguson. Manchester United one of the most supported clubs throughout the world in terms of merchandise sales, Fan clubs, Sponsorship deals and everything.

Facebook Likes : 73.7 Million
Twitter Followers : 15.8 Million


2. FC Barcelona :

The team that defined the era as FC Barcelona with perhaps the best player to have ever graced the game and some of the biggest and the best names in world of football sit on top of our list as the Catalan side under Pep Guardiola did something unprecedented by winning the sextuplet and three consecutive La Liga titles and two Champions league in three seasons which soared their fan base on the global scale. The Blaugranas are second on our list of most popular football clubs.

Facebook Likes : 103 Million
Twitter Followers : 25.4 Million

1. Real Madrid :

The most successful club in the World football and dream of almost every football player in the planet, Los Blancos come second in our list of the most popular clubs as the 10 times European Cup winners are the name on every football fans across every continent. Boosted by some of the best players of current time, Real Madrid commands the global football in terms of the supporters world wide.

Facebook Likes: 106 Million
Twitter Followers : 27.5 Million

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