Model & Footballer – Cristiano Ronaldo’s best hairstyles over the years

Cristiano Ronaldo has been labelled as one of the best footballers of this generation, and he is also one of the favourite rolemodel boyfriend for almost every girl in the planet.

Sometimes also accused and criticised for being narcissist, Cristiano Ronaldo definitely loves his hair and we often see him opting to change his haircut and hairstyles several times during a single season.

It hasn’t been long though, when Cristiano Ronaldo actually used to have very messy hairstyle, but his rise in fame and development as a player has surely come to develop his dressing sense and hairstyle sense as well.

The Portuguese midfielder has had several hairstyles to his name and you can leave it upto us to select the ten best hair styles he has adopted till now.

You by now, should know the reason why the forward has succeeded to attract his current girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez.

Here is the video you should watch about Cristiano Ronaldo’s hairstyle history:

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